So today at the house was the first time we did a little yard work.  There are a lot of little plants and bushes that are either dead or ugly that have to go and Jenny started cutting some of the branches off.  We have several trees, some pretty ones that have white flowers and some that have pink flowers which are Jenny's favorite.  There are also some that have died, are ugly or just in the way, which I am happy about because I'm excited to use a chainsaw to get rid of them.  I mowed the lawn for the first time, well some of the lawn until a huge storm came through.  When it came, Jenny and I went back inside and watched the storm pass.  We looked out at the back yard and all the trees were blowing in the wind.  White flower petals of the three white flowering trees were falling to the ground and it looked exactly like Lila snow.  A nice little surprise that we didn't expect and this made us like these trees even more.  

Also Craig and Wendy sent us a tree to plant in Lila's honor.  It is a dogwood tree that has pink petals.  Jenny and I were debating how a tree was going to be shipped to us.  I thought that a tree service was going to bring it out and plant it for us while Jenny thought it was going to come by UPS.  I thought she was nuts but the first package we received at the house was the dogwood tree, delivered by UPS in a box.  I had no idea trees were shipped this way.  It's a cute little tree and we look forward to finding the perfect spot for it in our yard.  I may have to cut some of these other trees down sooner rather than later to make room for this little guy. - Mike