Grocery Store

So I decided to go to the grocery store this morning instead of last night.  Not one of my better decisions and it was clear as soon as I got into the produce department.  I thought I went early enough to avoid all the babies and herds of families there but I should have known better.  Babies and kids everywhere.  Lots of them not well behaved and I didn't see one cuter than Lila.  There were several babies that seemed to follow me up and down the aisles.  There was a baby girl that was about as old as Lila should be that I kept running into.  It was in the bread aisle where it really started to get to me.  I was trying to find some stupid dinner rolls and walked up and down the aisle 3 times but failed to find them. I kept walking past this baby and it really upset me that Lila was not there with me.  I had planned on doing a lot of the grocery shopping with Lila, partly to give Jenny some alone time but mostly because it was going to be Daddy and daughter time.  I gave up on finding these rolls, grabbed my cart and went to get frozen rolls instead.  I found those easily, then got some orange juice.  I put the OJ in the cart and I looked inside the cart and only saw a few items, none of which were the 10 or so items I had already picked up.  Then it hit me that I must have stolen someones cart while making my escape from the bread aisle.  I hurried back to the bread aisle, didn't see someone looking for a cart, but I saw mine.  I made the switch, escaped the bread aisle a second time, got some cheese and then checked out.  I don't think anyone realized my goof but, to the person who had olives and chicken in your cart, I apologize. 

This was one of the more upsetting trips to the grocery store, but I should have known better to go there at 9am on a Sunday morning.  I saw too many people having what we lost, living the life that we dreamed of for too long.  The optimist in me wants to say that at least I got a good story out of this trip, but it still sucked. - Mike