7 Months

Lila should be turning 7 months old tomorrow (8/31). This is so surreal to me. We should have a 7 month old here in our house. I felt that this monthly birthday was not as upsetting as 6 months felt, until today. It just hit me that she would be doing so much and smiling and trying to crawl maybe. For 7 whole months are lives should have been blessed with this baby we wanted for so long and were so close to getting to have her in our lives forever. I have always said my favorite baby age is about 6 months to 18 months, when they know who you are and begin to do a lot more things. Lila should just be entering that age of smiling when her Daddy gets home from work and rolling around on the floor trying to get into things. 

I also cant believe that 7 months have gone by since she was born. Some days it feels like it has been 7 days. -Jenny