Last Memorial Day

A year ago we were at a friends wedding in Erie and we had no idea that our lives were about to change.  Lila was conceived around this time last year and was the answer to our prayers.  I can't begin to describe the complete opposite emotions that this year is bringing compared to last.  When we found out about Lila's pregnancy, we had hope and joy and this year brings the worst case of grief and sorrow.  We were invited to a friends wedding this Memorial Day weekend as well but we weren't emotionally ready for it.  They are great people and sent us a picture of them holding a Lila stone.  This made Jenny upset but in a good way.  The fact that they were thinking of Lila on their special day is an amazing gesture to us.  We had made plans for this wedding, it was going to be our first event after Lila's birth.  It would have been hard for us to be away from her but it was just going to be one night.  Thinking about making plans like this with Lila seems so foreign right now.  It seems like a dream of a perfect life that we thought we could have.  From this weekend on, we'll likely think about what was happening last year as Lila grew from a zygote to an embryo to a fetus to the most beautiful and perfect newborn baby. - Mike