Moved In

We have been missing in action these last few days as we have been moving into our new home. Plus we did not have our internet hooked up in the new house yet and it is not easy to write blog posts on our phones. The house has surely kept us busy and it is good for us but it is so sad to be here without our baby.

I have found myself thinking about how great it is that the house is on a cul de sac as it would be safest for Lila to play outside this way. How big the backyard is for her swing set and a sandbox. The new bathtub would be perfect for her to play with bath toys in as it is so big. I can see her crawling around on the floor and looking out the front windows. The list goes on and on about all of the things she should be experiencing in this house and yet never will.

We put her crib in one of the guest rooms as we have no intention of taking her things down. The movers had to disassemble it so it would fit through the doorway, but one of them kindly put it back together for us so Mike would not have to do it himself. The room that it is in seems very peaceful and at times I have seen the sunshine coming in through the window and hitting the crib where should be laying. 

I keep thinking Lila will live in this house. That she will be coming home soon. That this is all not our reality.