Lila would have turned 2.5 on July 31st. This is so unbelievable to me. It feels like that is such a long time. She would be so old now and doing so many amazing things. Plus we should have a 2.5 year old playing with a 13 month old and that is such an amazing thing to dream of. I found the day and the days leading up to the date to be very upsetting. It is interesting too because if Lila were here I bet I would not have even realized the significance of the day. But now we hold onto every anniversary and everything we can that reminds us of Lila. I knew we had to do something in her honor, but something that would not make us too sad. Mike ended up leaving work a few hours early and we went peach and flower picking at a nearby farm. It was very peaceful and calm there and the perfect setting to think about Lila. There were miles and miles of just open space with flowers and trees. The sky looked so blue and the weather was just right. I highly recommend "picking" things if you need an activity to do that will help ease your heart.