Happy 2nd Birthday Lila!

Happy 2nd Birthday Lila, our sweet precious princess. I cant believe its been two years since we woke up on the morning of January 31st and thought "I cant believe Lila decided she wanted to be a January baby and not a February one like we thought she was going to be." Lila, you allowed us to become a Mommy and a Daddy. You are our first true love and we would have done anything to keep you here with us.  

Sweet Lila, we miss you so much. Time has gone by but life without you is so difficult. Our hearts have grown since Eve was born but there are still (and always will be) pieces missing. Your little sister has been so amazing these past seven months and we can tell that she loves us and knows us so well. We just know that she would feel the same way about you. Eve is doing so much and you two would have been so connected right now, although I can picture you getting annoyed with her from time to time. It kills us that you and Eve will not get to meet each other and be best friends. You would be a grade apart in school and we can envision the two of you doing everything together. Eve doesn't know everything about you yet and our hearts break again and again knowing that she will grow up without the leadership and love of her big sister. 

This past year we've gotten Lila stone pictures from the 50th state (North Dakota) and the 7th continent (Antarctica) which is unbelievable. We were floored when we got them because even though they are just pictures, they show just how many people you have touched. You are such an amazing little girl and we know that you would have touched just as many people in all that you would have done in your life. We promise that we will always honor you and your memory on this day every year. We love you and miss you so much, sweet princess.  

Love, Mommy and Daddy