Last full day

When Lila's birthday comes around, we can't help but to think about where we were and what was happening on those days.  February 7th was the last full day that we had with Lila.  It was the day after we found out the horrible news and the day before she died.  It was a somber day but our goal was to spend every minute of it with her.  The nurses got her handprints and footprints for us and we got them in clay as well.  I specifically remember how hard I had to push on her little feet to get them into the clay.  They were turning white because I had to push so hard.

Today we didn't do much.  I took this picture of the sunset through one of our windows.  It was a pretty pink and I love how you can see the color through the Lila stone.  I don't know if this is true but on days like this, I like to think this is Lila communicating with us.  Even if that isn't true, it feels good when something unexpected like this happens during a day that is difficult for us. - Mike