Lila's Room

Today I was putting up blinds in the room that we would have put Lila in.  I haven't spend much time there but we put the crib up and her white dresser that holds most of her clothes.  This room was actually the first one that we finished.  The only thing left is to install new outlets and a light switch.  Just being in there made me realize how comfortable a room that it is and how ready we were to take care of her.  The light we put in there is a very warm and soft light.  It definitely wouldn't have woken her up if we checked in on her.  When I took the picture below, I could just picture one of those rocking chairs and sitting in there with Lila getting her to calm down.  I like these thoughts but they are even more painful to know that they will never happen.  I get so many glimpses of Lila growing up doing things that every kid gets to do. Lila should have grown up in that room and never got the chance.  - Mike