Hands and Feet

A few years ago I read a blog entry a woman from DC wrote about her father passing away. She said that she really had wanted something different to remember her Dad and so she had an image of his fingerprint made into a necklace for her to wear in his honor. I thought it was a unique idea and never really thought about it again until Lila was in the NICU. It suddenly became very important to me to have as many copies of her hand and footprints as we could get. She had the cutest little hands and feet, pretty big for her tiny self too. I mentioned this jewelry concept to my family and asked them to research what could be done for infants. My brother found a jewelry store in Pittsburgh that told him about a company that did this and gave him a pamphlet on it. All we had to do was use the special ink they gave us and get Lila's hand print and one foot print onto the paper. Then we would take the paper to a jewelry store and they could have it made into pendants for us. I never thought this would be something I would be doing or something I would want to have so badly. I got one of each and Mike got her footprint. Lila's grandparents and Uncle Dan all got one as well. We got the finished product a few days ago and it is so special. Our precious baby's feet and hands are the most beautiful we have ever seen.  -Jenny