Home and Garden Show

Jenny and I went to the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show this week.  We went last year as well and we couldn't help but to compare the two visits.  Last year, Jenny wasn't pregnant yet and we were so anxious that Jenny would be soon so that we could take the baby to events like this with us.  Fast forward a year and we obviously have much different feelings.  We still walked around and wondered what it would be like to have our baby here but this time any hope and joy that we had was gone.  We've said this before but Lila would have made everything better.  Lila would have been by far the cutest baby there, no question about it.  One of the things I was looking forward to with Lila was posing her with very random things and embarrassing her.  I would have strived in that role.  I still took an embarrassing picture to give you all an idea of how I would be with Lila. - Mike