Any given moment

Things can change at any moment to make a good day turn bad and you almost always never see it coming as was the case the day Lila was born.   The morning started out with such promise and excitement when we woke up and Jenny was having contractions, we were finally going to meet Lila.  But at 4:22 pm when the doctor said that "there will be a baby here in 30 seconds," and we didn't hear anything for what seemed like an eternity, the day we had anxiously waited for turned out to be nothing like we had expected.  The moment that we did not hear Lila scream was a turning point in our lives.  We are now almost six months down a road that no one should have to travel.

On a much smaller scale, Sunday had one of these moments.  We did a little work around the house and then had some good friends come over.  They brought dinner and stayed for a while and we had a good time with them.  After they left, Jenny and I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood.  When we got back, our neighbor was out and she started to talk to us and ask us how we like it so far.  It was a good conversation.  She also knew we lost Lila.  Towards the end of the conversation she said "did I mention that my daughters are expecting?"  I said "Really?!" in my mind.  Not one but both of her daughters are expecting babies.  Just what we wanted to hear.  I knew Jenny was just as stunned and upset at this as me so I tried to end the conversation quickly.  To make things better, one daughter, a grown adult, still lives in the house with her husband.  That basically ruined our day and made Jenny upset for the next day or so.  After Lila died, we try so hard to shield ourselves from anything baby related and now we get the news about our neighbors.  The only good thing, I guess, is that there are no windows on that side of our house.  So hopefully we get shielded a bit from that. - Mike